After purchasing a new home, you are likely looking for some great ideas regarding how to decorate it. The kitchen is a wonderful place to start decorating projects. An idea that is often not considered is the incorporation of a chalkboard into a kitchen wall. This may sound like a strange idea at first. However, once installed, you are likely to wonder why you never opted for this decorating choice before.

A common debate is “form versus function”. Using one of your kitchen walls as a chalkboard wall gives the room a very distinctive flair that will set it apart from the norm. That is just the beginning, however. The amount of utility a kitchen chalkboard wall provides is remarkable.

Just some applications of kitchen chalkboard walls include:

– Writing down recipes and ingredient lists

– Keeping a shopping list that is always in plain sight

– Drawing up plans for decorating tasks elsewhere in the home

– Keeping a to-do list

– Writing down appointments and phone numbers

– Attaching flyers, restaurant menus and other documents with magnets

– Teaching a home-schooled student

– Drawing and sketching while waiting for dinner to cook

– Writing notes to family members

– Planning meals for the week

Having a kitchen chalkboard wall is sure to draw your visitors’ attention. In addition, the benefits of this choice of how to decorate will make themselves apparent almost immediately. Why not be the first person on your block to install a kitchen chalkboard wall?

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